British Gypsum - Glasroc H Tilebacker

Pre-primed for tiling
High water resistance
Up to a third lighter
Twice as quick to install
Mould resistant
Compatible with
British Gypsum systems
Performance guaranteed
Good fire and acoustics
The sustainable choice

Using eGRG technology British Gypsum has created Glasroc H Tilebacker, a backing board that can be used in bathrooms, wet rooms and similar high moisture environments. Its structure is made up of gypsum incorporating glass fibres within the core and special additives that provide a high level of water and mould resistance. A unique layer of fibre glass matting is inserted just below the surface on both sides, providing additional strength, and to complete the process a high quality yellow acrylic coating is applied to the face of the board.

The acrylic coating means that the boards are all pre-primed and creates the perfect surface for direct tiling. There is no need to for any additional primer, the installer can simply begin tiling as soon as they've fixed it in place.

Also, at up to 20 kilogrammes lighter (per board) than the average competitor, Glasroc H Tilebacker offers a safer and more convenient solution for tradesman to work with. The fact that each board weighs just 30 kilogrammes makes it easier to lift and transport taking some of the strain off those who are working with it. In the long run this has the potential to provide health and safety benefits for installers.

Another advantage is that the board is exceptionally easy to cut – it takes just a single score before it can be snapped cleanly along the cut line. This reduces the margin for error, resulting in less waste and less need for re-cutting. There's no need for any specialist cutting, power tools or additional labour to complete the job, saving both time and money.

Stock Boards:

British Gypsum Glassroc H Tilebacker 1200 x 900mm

British Gypsum Glassroc H Tilebacker 1200 x 2400mm - Special £38.50 Ring for bulk discount






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